Cheapskates Unite!

I’ve had to suddenly learn how to be a total cheapskate. Having worked all my life, and with my husband also working, I didn’t have to think about it too much. I wasn’t ever totally extravagant, but largely, if I wanted something, I was able to buy it.

Life throws some curve balls though, and suddenly we are both unable to work, and living on a very low benefit.

So, now I have to find ways to live well, without it costing much. I’m NOT prepared to go to the lengths of people you see on the US Extreme Cheapskates program and become a dumpster diver. Noooooooo. However, I will work to live as economically as we can. I’ve already cut back our spending on food by NZ$50.00 a week, and am working on cutting it back even further.

This blog is to record and share some of the recipes and things that I’ve been doing to live more cheaply.

Please feel free to add any tips you have.

Please note; this relates to living in Auckland, NZ. I’m sure there are different things people do in different areas, that I can’t do here, or maybe things I can do here, that you can’t. However, sometimes one person doing something in their area triggers an idea about something you CAN do.

I’m hoping to make this fun, instead of being a grind and a stress.


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