Mix it up!

If you’re a Granny like me, then you’ll probably remember the Kiwi food of the 50’s and 60’s. (If you don’t, you didn’t miss anything!)

Blah, Blah and more blah. (Don’t tell my Mum!) Sausages and Mashed potatoes, Boiled mutton with Parsley Sauce, Shepherd’s Pie with the left-over minced mutton (actually I really like Shepherd’s Pie, but like to give it a bit of pizazz!) Fish and Chip Friday, Corn on the Cob with bread and butter – not exactly an inspiring mix was it!

These days, with the InterWeb, and TV Travel Cooking shows, it’s easy to find recipes from all around the big wide world, and lots of these are very Cheapskate friendly. Many cultures eat a lot less meat than Kiwi’s tend to, and don’t appear to suffer from it! Since meat is often the most expensive part of the meal, having less of it is bound to help the budget.

I have two approaches to my shopping – in one approach I plan frenetically and make a list and stick to it. In another approach, I look for the specials, and then I find a recipe to suit. While the making the list thing is good, I think because I buy extra ingredients for the lovely recipes I’ve found, it can be slightly more expensive than finding the specials, and adapting recipes to what I have.

This week, I found a great special on Lamb Mince. I got 350¬†grams for $2.50! That’s because it was on it’s last legs. It had that sticker on it that says, “Use or freeze today!” So I throw it in the freezer, and make sure I use it the day I get it out.

So I then got on the web, and found an awesome recipe. I may be jumping the gun here, because I’ve asked the owner of the blog I got it from if I can share it, and haven’t heard back yet.

The recipe is, Hummus with Lamb, and Nagi suggests it as an appetizer, but we had it for dinner and it was great.


It also suggests eating it with Pita Bread. I hummed and haa’d over whether to buy Pita bread, because actually I find store-bought Pita bread tough, stale and expensive. So I didn’t. I set to and made my own. Pita Bread is really quick and easy to make, particularly if you have a Breadmaker, so it’s worth doing. I had enough for the dinner, and now have a stash of a half a dozen pieces in the freezer for future lunches and hummus dipping!

This is a link to the Pita Bread I made, but there are heaps of recipes out there.

Never, ever ever buy hummus. It’s so quick to make, and so much better! The Recipe Tin Eats Hummus with Lamb¬† recipe, does of course have the recipe for the hummus.

The recipe has spices in it, but is not particularly strongly spiced. However, if you’re concerned, you can halve the amount of spices.