Don’t buy Pastry!

I had a look at the packaged Pastry price and was shocked to see a packet of frozen sheets was over NZ$6.00. Wow.

I have a recipe that I use a lot, and it’s quicker to make than it is to thaw out the frozen sheets, and costs a fraction of the price.

I used it tonight to make a Potato, Cheese and Thyme pie and it was delicious. The original recipe is on but this one here is with my adaptations to make it more economical. We ate one of the pies, (me 1/4, him the rest!) so we have another one left for lunch tomorrow. Cost – tiny- pastry – about NZ$2.00. Filling – potatoes 50c, cheese 79c, thyme – free, evaporated milk – 70c. Total –  NZ $3.99 for 2 meals $2.00 for 1! Then the veges…Can’t do much better than that can you!

Potato, Cheese and Thyme Pie

  • Servings: 4
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1 quantity home made Flakey Pastry Recipe (see below)

400 gms Desiree (or other) potatoes scrubbed and sliced

100 gms cheese – needs to melt easily and have a bit of flavour – not mozzarella. I used Colby, but the original recipe used Taleggio. Gruyere would be good – needs to match your purse!

4 Sprigs fresh Lemon thyme stripped from the stalks

100 ml evaporated milk

Use a little left over soured milk from the pastry recipe to brush the top with.


  1. Pre-heat oven to 200C
  2. Roll out the pastry and cut 4 circles – 2 X 23 cm, 2 X 20 cm I didn’t worry about the exact size – just cut around a larger and smaller plate.
  3. Put the sliced potatoes into a pot and cover with water. Bring to the boil, and simmer gently for 6 or 7 minutes until tender but not falling apart. Let them cool a bit before using.
  4. On the baking tray (greased or baking paper) place the SMALLER circles. Layer the cooled potatoes on top slightly over-lapping. Put cheese, thyme, s & p between the layers.
  5. Cut a 4 cm hole out of the middle of the larger circles. Dampen the edges and seal the edges.
  6. To glaze, use a little left over soured milk to brush the top with.
  7. Bake for 10 min then take out, and pour 50 ml Evaporated Milk into each pie. You may need to carefully lift the edges of the pastry so that it goes INTO the pie.

This pastry while called “Flakey” is more like a rough puff pastry  I think. However,it’s crisp and tasty, and always successful.

Flakey Pastry

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1 cup standard flour

1 tsp baking powder

125 grams butter

1/2 cup milk soured with 2 tsp of lemon juice or 1 tsp of wine vinegar.


  1. Put the flour and baking powder into the blender bowl. Pulse to mix.
  2. Cut the butter and add. Blitz until it is like breadcrumbs – not long.
  3. Sour the milk, and add gradually. You want to keep a bit to glaze the pie with if you can.
  4. Mix until the dough forms a ball.
  5. Remove, and place on floured board ready to roll.

I used a few bits of left – over pastry to make a couple of little jam tarts. They got gobbled up before I could photograph the cooked version!

Jam Tarts
Jam Tarts
Flakey Pastry
Don’t buy it! Make it from scratch!

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