Celery Leaves

There’s a wonderful young woman near where I live who runs an organisation called “Bellyful” She cooks meals and stores them in her freezer, and then donates them to women who have had a baby recently, and need help getting things organised. She offered some free greens from the local Community Garden, and I went and picked some up. There was one small bunch of silverbeet, and two bunches of celery, which had very thin stalks and were mostly green leaves. I investigated celery leaves on the internet and found a recipe for celery soup. The leaves taste very much like celery does, and apparently have more nutrition than the stalks itself do.

The recipe is on the page Italian Food Forever It uses a couple of Italian Sausages and some croutons to give it a nice crunch. I bought two Italian Sausages from my local butcher for $2.45. He was a bit put out and wanted me to buy more! He looked very puzzled when I told him I was using them as a topping on my Cream of Celery Soup!

Croutons and Sausages cooking
Croutons and Italian Sausage for topping

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